Trips can be tailor-made to create a unique holiday for your individual requirements by travel experts with intimate knowledge of your destinations and all they have to offer.

BTE can help you plan and book your entire trip from door-to-door.


Travel Consulting

BTE’s services are valuable if it is the first time you are going to travel to Brazil, or if you simply do not have time to do all the research and planning of your trip.

For a small travel consulting fee, we can help you set up the itinerary of your dreams and then you can make your own reservations. Or, BTE can do it all!


Don’t leave your travel planning for the last minute!
We recommend that your book your trip plans at least four months prior to departure. Flights in Brazil can be expensive in the 11th hour. For holidays such as New Years Eve, Easter Week and Carnaval, you’ll need to plan even further in advance. The longer you wait, the more expensive fares and room rates become.


Keep in mind Brazil is an immense country and flying within its borders entails many hours in the air and the likelihood of numerous connections.


Brazilian Travel Experiences offers fine top-quality accommodations ranging from luxury properties to charming pousadas – local small inns. We always choose accommodations with as much local charm and character as possible to meet your budget and desires.