Pick up at your hotel and head to the west beaches. We will head to Grumari passing by the beaches of Barra da Tijuca - the largest in the city, over 14km in length, Reserva, Recreio, Macumba, Prainha and Grumari.

Prainha will be the starting point of a trail for about 30 min in “Parque Municipal Ecológico da Prainha” in the middle of the Atlantic rainforest, so, we can observe the local fauna and flora. From the top of the hill there will be lookout point 130m high, with a beautiful view of the coast of Recreio, Barra da Tijuca and Pedra do Pontal.

Prainha is about 700m long – a surfer's paradise… When we get down the hill, we will taste a coconut water while watching the surf and feeling the ocean breeze! Casa do Pontal Museum is our next stop. Here we can find the most important collection of popular arts and crafts.

From the Atlantic rainforest we head to the wetlands of Rio…Hidden in the middle of Barra da Tijuca’s neighborhood we will find its lagoons. Aboard a “chalana” (kind of boat), you will have the opportunity to ride along these waters to learn about the amazing biodiversity as well as its struggle to survive. Some of the wildlife you may spot includes alligators, capybaras and exotic species of birds.

Stop at a local restaurant to have lunch (not included). After lunch, we board the “chalana” again through the channels and by the many islands and feel the breeze while admiring the lush green forest surrounding these waters. Return to hotel. End of our services.