The Amazon Region

This lush land of verdant green and exuberant flora is where your river and jungle adventure will merge into a dream destination!

Have you ever dreamed about most lush spot on Earth? Then, even more lush than that? Now, think about even more lusciousness! This is the Amazon!

Located in the Brazilian North with the colonial city of Manaus as its capital, you will discover the gateaway to the largest forest reserve on the planet: The Amazon Rainforest.

The Amazon River is one of the world’s most famous and largest in terms of water volume. The river meanders for thousands of kilometers in the Brazilian tropical rainforest. It is a life-source for all the wildlife and people that live along its banks. The capital city of Manaus, surrounded by rivers and forest, offers a rich nod to Brazil’s historical past – fully represented by the renowned Teatro Amazonas.

Brazilian Travel Experiences offers 3 great ways to explore the Amazon: eco-lodges, river cruises and community-based stays. All offer incredible adventures and experiences and delicious gastronomy.

A visit to the Amazon is Bucket List Trip and naturally unforgettable journey!


Located in the western of state of Tocantins, Jalapão is an oasis carved in the Brazilian “Cerrado”, connected to two amazing ecosystems: the Northeastern “Caatinga” and the Amazon Rainforest.

Jalapão has it all: crystal clear rivers, majestic waterfalls, water springs, paradise-like beaches, pristine nature and rivers that allow you to canoe and take super-refreshing baths.

The sunrise lets you experience the silence of the nature and reveals the majestic landscape in breathtaking scenery.

Jalapão is sanctuary of rare beauty, amazing geological formations, golden dunes, clear rivers, great oases, multiple varieties of fauna and flora and so much more.

Live an experience in the heart of Brazil discovering these spectacular wild and unique places!