Experience traditional communities around Brazil, reconnecting local values with touristic experiences and witness for yourself the realities of Brazilian life.

Become a part of the power of person-to-person tourism as a tool for transformation - both for the visitor and host communities alike.


Secrets and Spices of the Amazon

Belém, capital of Pará state in Brazil, is an experience that can be summarized in one word: multisensory. All your senses will be stimulated in this deeply intense city. The beauty of its waters and its hidden corners, the scents of the different fruits, foods and essences through streets are lined with mango trees mixed with the unique music and so many other charms that this city will reveal to you.

From Clay to Art

The Jequitinhonha Valley is an inventive and a peculiarly artistic location, home to beautiful and creative manifestations like leather, embroidery, weaving, drawing, music, wood sculptures, basketry, painting, and ceramics. Embark with us and dive into the art of ceramics and ingunity amidst the loving cohabitation with these artisans of clay and life!

Rio with new eyes

The Rio “favelas” have become a focus in the process of real estate speculation and others forms of urban gentrification. The rising costs of goods and services is making it difficult for the traditional inhabitants to stay. However, these amazingly vibrant communities keep staying alert to the changes happening within them and - with the power from their local and commnity-driven initiatives - are making sure that they are the agents of change in this historical occupation of the Rio hillsides.