Our world is a living classroom. When we travel we encounter so many new and amazing experiences. In the end we find ourselves interested in so many more things than we ever had previously ever thought about.
It is this feeling of discovering new passions that keeps us alive!
And, traveling stirs in us the desire to want to know more.
Imagine what you can learn while crossing the Delta of the Americas – one of Brazil’s most famous river deltas, voyaging up the mighty Amazon, or traveling along a pristine beach on route between Lençóis Marannhenses and Jericoacoara… or finding and discovering those “unattainable new places” alongside friends. This is the fun of exploring our world!

Inevitably, traveling and making a life-journey is an enriching experience…and it is transformative. When we travel, we become new and rediscover ourselves.


Mandacaru Expedições – Brazilian Travel Experiences (BTE)

specializes in creating your personalized tour of Brazil.

Each of our trips is prepared according to your interests with one goal in mind: Transforming your planned trip in a wonderful memory of a lifetime!

Our specialists travel extensively in Brazil and are able to advise you on the best trip for you and your traveling companions.  BTE’s mission is to give every client our reputable honest opinions on the many places Brazil has to offer.

We are regularly inspecting our partners, service providers and chosen accommodations to ensure that our strictest standards and your needs are being met.

Some travelers want to make most of Brazil in one trip and therefore limit their visit to the highlights of the country.   Others want to break Brazil into manageable segments and concentrate regionally – on the unique and dynamic pieces of Brazil… the country of their dreams.

Whether you are looking for adventure, interaction with nature, natural beauty, history, culture, arts, gastronomy, beaches, islands, forests, deserts, rivers, luxurious experiences or more simple trips, Brazilian Travel Experiences (BTE) is here for you.

Whatever are your main interests, BTE will design a custom itinerary to suit your needs.

Our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with the best Brazilian experiences possible – understanding your dreams and making them come true…before, during and after your trip.  This is our philosophy, mission and commitment to you. This is why we emphasize the special interaction between our BTE specialists, you the traveler and our professional partners.