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Contact with Nature, Local Community and Time Travel

Immense in size and offering a wealth of experiences, discover all Brazil has to offer - a world of bold colors, exotic sensations, natural beauty, toasted sand beaches and bountiful sun. Discover a mix of natural spectacles, vibrant cities, uplifting music and postcard-perfect beaches.

You’ll find smiling Brasileiros on the beach and in the streets, vibrant colors galore and Samba sounds well into the night. Visit her famous cities, dense green rainforests or her mountains and jungles.

From Iguazu Falls in the South to the cobbled streets of charming colonial towns like Ouro Preto or Paraty, from tiny beach hamlets such as Praia da Pipa in the Northeast, or the Pantanal wetlands and the Amazon basin full of wildlife, to deserted beaches along Brazil’s majestic coast – it is all within your reach.

Brazil is all of this...and so much more!

You will find Brazil to be one of the world’s most uniquely geographical and culturally diverse country on the planet.

Brazil will enchant you with the rhythmic soundtrack of Samba and Bossa Nova as your guide. Immerse yourself in the wonder that is Brazil – with something unique to offer every type of world traveler.

Brazil is blessed from north to south. Along her extensive coast, naturally beautiful refuges will be revealed to you. Without doubt, her people and geographical discoveries will be unforgettable.



Brazil’s week-long celebration of Carnval is one of the greatest parties on earth! Carnaval in Brazil isundoubtedlyone of thewarmest and mostcelebratedin the world.  Whether you’re there for thepartyor not, it’s always a special time to enjoy your holiday in Brazil.

Brazil’s reputation of enchanting the world with her joy and the enthusiasm, along with her gracious people receiving visitors with their captivating smiles, always gets a natural and additional boost of energy during Brazil’s awe inspiring week of Carnaval celebrations.

New Years Eve

Would you like to start the New Year enjoying some quiet time in touch with nature?  Or, would you prefer to catch the spectacular fireworks display from Copacabana Beach?  Diving in the crystal clear waters on the beautiful island of Fernando de Noronha? BTE will help you plan and think ahead since this is the very busiest time of the year for travel all across Brazil.